Want to add some cool factor to your start button bike? Kick it. Install our Kicker on your bike today. Best part? We offer a LIFETIME WARRANTY on the Kicker and FREE SHIPPING.

- Kit includes: ANDREWS main shaft, cover, kicker kit, and arm. (Pedal purchased separately)
- Main shaft works with BAKER 6-Speed transmission
- Kit fits ONLY 1991-2003 5 speed Sportsters.
- Kit works with stock pipes and also LSC short & long shots.
- Kit is bolt on, but you will have to change main shaft in your transmission.
- If you run mid-controls, you will need to fab something to maintain them.
- You will have to relocate master cylinder.
- Comes in raw aluminum finish.
- Yes you will maintain your starter.

Check out the VIDEO BLOG for a "How-to" installation video and to watch the product in action.