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Ironhead hardtail
Ironhead Hardtail

Ironhead to 1981 – Hardtail




This weld on kit works on Sportsters Ironheads through 1981. Available for stock 130/150 and 180/200 size tires with your choice of 2″ or 4″ stretch. The kit includes a hardtail with 1″ tubing diameter, axle, and adjusters. Hardtails are very easy to install, a typical install requires a saw and a welder. We also build a custom offset front sprocket for the 180/200.

  • Optional brake tab to mount the stock rear caliper on your frame or hardtail. Mounting is free of charge with your order.
  • Ship your frame to us and we will install the kit for $75.00.

** If running a stock tire with a 2″ stretch and intend to keep a belt, it will require a longer 136 tooth belt.

Need a new seat? Add a seat pan kit to your order and we will mount it for free!

Installing your Led Sled Hardtail